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description: what can help?
– Step 7 in customer persona
– letter to ideal customer
– timing?

example Marijke: The 8-month coaching program in which you draw up your own sales strategy, become a master at writing sales content and conducting sales conversations. So that selling no longer feels like pulling and dragging, you book your agenda well in advance with ideal customers and you thus achieve your annual turnover. The next round starts in September 2023.


– detailed situational sketch of the current situation

– the more specific, the better

What can help?

Step 2 in customer persona

Writing exercise 3

example Marijke:

😖 You find it difficult to clearly convey the added value of your expertise or service. You have the feeling that potential customers are willing to spend money on other things, but when it comes to your expertise it is quickly considered 'too expensive'.

😖 Customers come to you through the grapevine, but you have no control over this. You adopt a wait-and-see attitude and hope that there will be an influx. There is no plan.

😖 When people don't come through, you feel like you have to prove yourself as an expert. The conversation then feels as if you have to convince them of something that they themselves do not see the value of.

😖 Having to sell yourself is the reason why you sometimes doubt whether entrepreneurship is something for you.

😖 You receive requests, but they do not match 100% (or even) with what you like to do. Too often you allow yourself to be tempted to say 'yes' to this. As a result, you often work with customers who require too much energy.

😖 Posting on social media without a purpose comes naturally. Once you impose on yourself that you have to create content to attract customers, you become blocked. You suddenly don't know what to say and you doubt everything so that no letter appears on paper.

😖 Until now, selling has been automatic, but you notice that your target group and offer are changing. Your company is ready for the next step, but attracting more challenging customers gives you too much fear. You have no idea how you're going to handle that. Your current approach only attracts the customers you have outgrown.

😖 You have already collected a lot of knowledge about marketing and sales, but you are unable to put this into practice. You miss someone who literally looks at what you write, who corrects you, who really asks “where is that”?

😖 Your ideas or offer will be responded to enthusiastically via social media or other channels, but when push comes to shove, relatively few customers will sign up. You have no idea why this happens and how you can change this.

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– Why does it go wrong? Stubborn beliefs?
– What does society/industry label as 'normal'?
– what are they missing to take action themselves or to maintain this?

What can help?
Steps 3 and 6 in your customer persona

example Marijke:
Too often we draw the conclusion that it is our offering. Or that you're just not made to sell. Because examples of the extrovert salesperson with crazy bonuses, discounts and loud shouting dominate our social media. But what if selling didn't have to depend on tricks at all? Of psychological games? Of clinging to people like a piranha and only letting go once you've received a 'yes'?


– what is possible if they start working with you?
– which concrete results are within reach?
– focus on emotional benefits

What can help?
Steps 4 and 7 of the ideal customer persona
letter to your ideal customer

example Marijke:
Selling should not feel like convincing

What if I told you that every customer who books an introductory meeting with you can already be 80% certain that they want to work with you? That this conversation is purely about the customer. Listening to what they need. Explain how your offer provides an answer to this and check whether you want to work with this customer.

'Convincing' is not something you need to do in such a conversation. That is what your external communication is for. Everything you say about yourself and your offering on your social media, website, in your emails...

If you clearly communicate what your vision is, what makes you unique, what you stand for... you will only attract ideal customers.

Customers who:
🤩 absolutely want to work with you
🙌 see the added value of your expertise
💰 willing to pay the correct price for it

That is our ultimate goal: optimize your sales process in such a way that you only attract ideal customers who give you energy. That you fill your agenda well in advance. And you have the confidence to take the lead in this process and say 'no' when you don't feel the fit.


There is not enough motivation from negative thoughts. That is why in this step we will convert the negative thoughts into something positive. So that they feel like getting started and are motivated.

What can help?
Step 8 in customer persona

Example Marijke:
After the DeepDive trajectory

🚀 Do you have the self-confidence to call yourself an 'expert' and realize that you don't have to be everything for your customers. No more having to constantly prove yourself
🚀 Do you dare to take the lead in an introductory meeting and can you link their needs to the added value that your offer has to offer them?
🚀 Do you know very well what you can do for customers and how you can express this to the outside world to attract the right customers.
🚀 Do you have a clear view of what you want to sell and when to achieve your turnover goal in a confident and structured way.
🚀 Is it clear to you how you can draw up a sales plan to sell your offer in a targeted manner? And no longer let this depend on the moment so that monthly sales stress becomes a thing of the past.
🚀 Can you continue to guarantee top quality to your customers because you have the time to stay “on top of your game” in addition to work and can recharge your energy with your family, partner, friends or relatives. Without sacrificing turnover. On the contrary. 💰

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